Code for Charity governance  


Gaining motivation from the above shloka of ChanakyaNiti, if no country is foreign to a man of true learning, how can any arena of activity be far-fetched for an institution whose intent is to imbibe good governance in the heart and soul of the nation?

Charity, alms, philanthropy have played their role in bridging the gap between the disparities that have existed in the society for auld langsyne. What began as a moral and ethical responsibility found its future in the formation of dedicated organizations and institutions; entities who solely and wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to the social cause for which they had been established.

Understanding the role and significance of charitable entities in the modern day and more so, the obligation to dispense with their social responsibilities, corporates globally took to utilizing these entities as vehicles for inducing social welfare. However, the recent revelations have been, while being the perfect eye openers, ones requiring soul searching. And it is the result of this soul searching that the Code for Charity Governance has gained shape and existence. The Code laden with principles, all of which point towards the ultimate goal of good governance shall ignite the much needed spark keeping in sight the ultimate goal of empowering national governance.

It gives me immense pleasure to place on record my acknowledgements towards CS (Ms.) Preeti Malhotra, Past President, ICSI and Chairperson of the Core Group on Charity Governance, and all the Members of the group for their sensitized approach towards this issue and their practical suggestions in finalisation of the principles. I would also take this opportunity to commend the efforts of the members of the Secretariat, ICSI, CS (Dr.) Pooja Rahi, Mr. Manoj Kumar, CS Banu Dandona and CS Samir Raheja from Directorate of Corporate Laws and Governance for their pursuits in the formulation of this document.


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